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Developer PSA: If you have a membership site, avoid IThemes, use MemberMouse

iThemes Gripes:

– no ability for members to delete their account.
– when members try to cancel their subscription, they run into a page reload bug.
– member subscriptions are ended immediately upon cancellation, whether or not they paid for a full month/year. No way to change this.
– itheme plugin updates regularly crash product pages.
– an overall lack of concern for customer UX (see thing 1 – 3)
– support was regularly unhelpful, dismissing a real bug (see thing 2) as something they’d explore in the future.

MemberMouse Wins:

– All gripes above evaporated.
– Incredible UX inside and out.
– Support is lightning fast, super friendly and helpful.
– documentation and support articles are well-written, organized, and aplenty.
– an overall concern about making a great product that helps people. Not just a fast buck.
– RAD reporting tools and member management tools.
– less expensive in the long-run, with ability to scale as needed. And a free trial.

I am now a huge fan of MemberMouse, and am over the moon to have discovered this product. If you are running a membership-based business, go with them.

This is not an affiliate post. I’m hoping to save future developers any of the headaches I went through with ithemes and their wordpress membership plugin.

Developer PSA over.