Is it worth it to learn playing the piano if you don’t plan to get good at it?

Someone asked me the above question on Quora.
My response:

Should you learn how to walk even though you’ll never be a marathoner? 🙂

Music is a part of life for everyone, whether or not they choose it as a career.

Don’t deny yourself the joy of being able to play and perform your favorite songs on the piano, just because you might not make it on a marquee.

I make a living playing piano, but even within this field there’s no one metric for “good”. Some pianists specialize in classical, jazz, production, composition, etc.. and the creative options are endless – it’s about what you enjoy.

Even if you only learn how to play the melody from your favorite tune, that is of value to yourself and other people. But more importantly… it is of HUGE value to your brain.

Learning how to play piano is like bootcamp for your brain. It gives you a mental advantage over others, as it strengthens your synapses like crazy.

All ways of thinking – creative, logical, critical – get improved by learning piano.

Here are some more details about how piano increases your mental health: 4 Ways Learning Piano Benefits Your Brain

Music is a gift, and you deserve to share in it.

There are many free online piano courses where you can learn the basics and start playing right away.

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Developer PSA: If you have a membership site, avoid IThemes, use MemberMouse

iThemes Gripes:

– no ability for members to delete their account.
– when members try to cancel their subscription, they run into a page reload bug.
– member subscriptions are ended immediately upon cancellation, whether or not they paid for a full month/year. No way to change this.
– itheme plugin updates regularly crash product pages.
– an overall lack of concern for customer UX (see thing 1 – 3)
– support was regularly unhelpful, dismissing a real bug (see thing 2) as something they’d explore in the future.

MemberMouse Wins:

– All gripes above evaporated.
– Incredible UX inside and out.
– Support is lightning fast, super friendly and helpful.
– documentation and support articles are well-written, organized, and aplenty.
– an overall concern about making a great product that helps people. Not just a fast buck.
– RAD reporting tools and member management tools.
– less expensive in the long-run, with ability to scale as needed. And a free trial.

I am now a huge fan of MemberMouse, and am over the moon to have discovered this product. If you are running a membership-based business, go with them.

This is not an affiliate post. I’m hoping to save future developers any of the headaches I went through with ithemes and their wordpress membership plugin.

Developer PSA over.