I went for a 5 mile run in a summer storm. It turns out this is the best feeling in the world.

Katy Perry’s “Rise”

Fellow song-writing music geeks, a moment.

I love this lyric. I love the message of the song.

But the big payoff of the chorus – “But I still rise” – is set to a melody that ploddingly descends down to land on a minor tonic downbeat.

This is the musical equivalent of letting a menacing-looking bowling ball drop to the floor.

“I will still rise” but the music says the exact opposite.

She could have belted this note out triumphantly, like in “roar”, or used the harmonic crescendos of a “firework” pre-chorus.

That would have bolstered the meaning of the lyric, feeling like she is actually rising.

But she chose this treatment, and it hints at something darker.

When she sings “I will still rise” it feels like the cat meme “Soon”.

It’s a revenge song to Taylor, sung directly to her.

And in that sense, it’s a powerful tune.

But it should not be the theme of the Olympics.

The Olympics are about athletes who want to rise and lift everyone else up with them, not tear down their competitors.


fear is a liar.

when something goes rough, it means you have an opportunity to learn something new. Don’t fight it. Learn.